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Stainless Steel Braid Sleeving Stainless Steel Sleeving Stainless Steel Sleeving Stainless Steel Sleeving
Made of stainless steel, it fits snugly onto existing hoses and cuts easily with scissors for simple installation. ss braid sleeve
Suitable for: Fuel lines, Oil lines, Heater hoses, Radiator hoses ... ss braid sleeve

Quality Auto Plumbings

Stainless Steel Braid SleevingStainless Steel Braid Sleeving
Hose Covers, Hose Sleeves, Tube-Braid Hose Covers, Hose Sleeves, Tube-Braid

Hose Cover Material: Stainless steel
Hose Cover Finish: Natural

Tube-Braid is easy to install and is the most cost-efficient way to customize any engine modification. Tube-Braid is available in stainless steel in various sizes to match any engine compartment. These hose covers simply slip over existing hoses and wires, giving them an expensive, professional look.

Stainless Steel wire Braided Racing Hose
       High Performance hose for motor sport racing cars is the best choice for your race car oil, fuel, and coolant supply lines.     Racing Hose Size: -4 , -6 , -8 , -10 , -12, -16, -20 AN 

Stainless Steel wire Braided Racing Hose

DELIKON Racing Hose offers unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for your tough performance applications. Full vacuum rating for sizes -10, -12 and -16. Applications include fuel, lube, coolant and air. high performance hose
High Performance hose for motor sport racing cars
High Performance Braided Hose For Marine Engines
Stainless Steel Braided Racing HoseRacing Engine High Performance HoseBraided PTFE Hose,Superior fluid compatibility
Stainless Steel Braided Nitrile Rubber Hose is for use with Magna-Clamp Fittingshigh performance hose high performance hose
Single Layer Stainless Steel Braided Rubber Hose Single Layer S.S. Braided rubber hose for lower pressure applications
for Economical Low Pressure Applications

SIZES: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8"
Maximum Working pressure 250 psi all sizes. This hose is used both on the street and in competition for Fuel, Oil and Water lines where pressure is NOT a consideration.


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