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SEMI - Professional Manufacturer And Exporter For 
Quality Electrical Flexible Conduit Systems & Conduit Fittings


Delikon products,your flexible solutions.

Thank you for visiting the Internet home of Delikon, Specialists in flexible conduits.
Heavy series over braided flexible conduit with MS Plug Adapter
Heavy series over braided flexible conduit with
MS Plug Adapter

Over Braided Flexible Conduit,Conduit Fittings for industry control panel board wiring


Heavy Series Fittings specially designed for use  with Over Braided Flexible Conduit

YABS, connector for over braided flexible conduit

Heavy series over braided flexible conduit systems offer a choice of a whole range of sizes and constructions to provide the best solution for the most demanding applications.

Liquid Tight Conduit Connector,Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings
Liquid Tight Connector

Specialists in
flexible conduits & fittings.

As an industrial leader, the company produces an outstanding range of metallic and non-metallic flexible conduits as well as complementary fittings and other electrical wiring accessories.
Our electrical flexible conduits & fittings are used extensively 
in construction, industrial facilities, wire harnesses, machine tools,
instrumentation and telecom equipment. 
 Braided Flexible Conduit
(Flexible hose, tubing, ducting and fittings for exhaust, fluid & gas handling and other applications are also available. Please write to us for more details.)

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          Liquid-tight Metallic Conduit
Grey PVC coated liquid-tight flexible steel conduit is used extensively in the machine tools and ideal for rail way systems wirings.

Delikon Electrical Flexible Conduit, Fittings

Delikon, one of our well known brand names, which stands for superior quality electrical flexible conduit systems for the World Wide cable management market.

Featuring: Overbraided flexible metal conduit systems---  EMC SCREENING
Flexible Electric Conduit systems for EMI screen and abrasion resistance 
Overbraided Flexible steel conduitComprise a standard conduit construction, with metallic overbraiding, making them particularly suitable for off shore and heavy industrial wiring applications.
Best for Typical electric wiring and cables protections applications where the following is a consideration: braided fle
Whole Range Of Braided Conduits Provide Essential EMC ProtectionElectromagnetic Interference (EMI)
    control systems 
Abrasion resistance
    railway rolling stock
    heavy duty industrial 

Mechanical integrity
    anti-vandal applications

   Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits

EMI/RFI Solutions
Braided Flexible Electrical Conduit

Braided-shield flexible conduit, SCREEN FLEX: Clean data transmission in a noisy environment is an ever-increasing requirement on today crowded factory floors. Variable-speed motors operating near data cables are a common occurrence - so is Radio Frequency interference. Delikon braided-shield flexible conduit provides excellent Radio Frequency, as well as mechanical protection to the wirings and cables, resulting in improved data transmission.
Braided-shield flexible conduit,Over Braided Flexible Conduit System
Over braided flexible metal conduit systems are ideal for use in high temperature industry applications with sparks, weld slag or hot swarf. Overbraided flexible metal conduit are also suitable for screening electromagnetic radiation.  Braided Flexible Conduit
Overbraided Flexible Metal Conduit Systems for Industry Cable Management

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