LOW SMOKE, non halogen Water-tight electric Flexible metal Conduit for mass transport systems ( LSHF-707 )
Braided Flexible Conduits systems for use on vehicle wiring harnessesThe specially formulated thermoplastic jacket has excellent flame retardation and low smoke and toxicity generation characteristics. Acidic gases such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen bromide are virtually eliminated as products of combustion.

*Galvanized steel strip core (square locked or interlocked)
*Specially formulated thermoplastics, low smoke, halogen free
*1/4"~4" trade size *Water-tight

Flexible metallic conduit with low smoke, halogen free, water tight jacket:
*This water proof flexible steel conduit is designed for applications where safety concerns exist regarding a materials reaction in a fire situation.
*Water tight jacket made of low smoke, halogen free thermal- plastics, with excellent flame retardation and low smoke and toxicity generation characteristics.
*Durable and long life.
*Inner core made from galvanized steel strip.
*Square locked construction for more flexibility or interlocked for more strength.For rail way wirings

This product is ideally suited for installation in confined or enclosed areas where construction materials must have limited smoke, low flame spread and low toxic gas emissions in the event of fire. Such applications include mass transit vehicles where water proof flexible conduit is extensively used for wiring harnesses within and under passenger rail cars. Other applications include use in underground subway structures and tunnels.

Braided flexible steel conduit for underground stationsOverbraided flexible steel conduit for underground stations where Inherently Low Fire Hazard properties and EMC screening are required.